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5 Tips for a Smooth Home Inspection

You’ve receive an offer on your house! Now what? The buyer will hire a professional to inspect the house for any disrepair. Here are 5 steps you can take to have a smooth home inspection!



1. Go through and make sure all utility systems and appliances are up and running. This includes the gas fireplaces, heat pumps and furnaces, dishwashers, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, and all light bulbs. If a hallway light is out, simply because it needs a new bulb, it may get called out for not being functional. So, avoid this issue by going through and checking everything with a switch!


2. Clear access to the attic, crawl space, and electric panel. The home inspector will need access to these areas to assess the condition of the foundation and roof. Also, the electric panel must have clear access, as the inspector will take off the cover and verify wiring is up to code. 


3. Two commonly called out issues, which are currently required by state laws, are carbon monoxide detectors and earthquake straps for water heaters. There must be a carbon monoxide detector on each floor in main common areas. In addition, an earthquake strap is required for any traditional water heater. These are easy to install, inexpensive, and can be picked up at your nearest home improvement store.


4. Check all water supply sources and sink drains. These commonly have small leaks that can easily be addressed. Best to take some time and check all potential leak sights to prevent them from being called out by the inspector. Also, clear out anything in the bathtub and sinks, as all the plumbing fixtures will be ran during the inspection. 


5. Make plans for you, any family members, and any pets for at least 3 hours outside the home at the time of the inspection. If you can’t bring your pet with you, make sure they are properly secured in a kennel for their safety.


As a final note, many sellers want to know who will be at the house during the time of the inspection. The buyer’s real estate agent will be there to provide access to the property. Clearly, the home inspector hired by the buyer. Finally, the home buyer may elect to be there as well. Feel free to ask your agent to confirm that the buyer’s inspector is licensed and bonded or insured before the inspection. Real estate agents participate in home inspections regularly. If you have any specific concerns, ask your listing agent!

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