Tri-Cities Real Estate Information February 22, 2019

How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Today’s market is without a doubt a sellers market. That’s the good news! However, that doesn’t mean your house will sell easily if you put it on the market as is. First impressions are lasting impressions, so it’s time to get to work! Let’s take a look at 10 steps you can take to make a lasting impression.



1. Less is More: When potential buyers walk through a house, they want to feel a connection and feel safe. If there is disorganization, full counter tops, and countless knick-knacks all over, this will subconsciously cause anxiety and discomfort. Take the time to pack up and put away all the ‘extras’ around the house.


2. Clean: Traditional vacuuming, wiping down counters, and picking up clutter needs to be just the beginning. Deep cleaning bathrooms, dusting blinds, clearing out window tracks; these are just a few of the ‘must do’ items. A professional cleaning service is probably worth the money on this one.


3. Neutral Colors: I know you loved the bubble gum pink for your daughter’s room, but now it’s time to bring back the neutral colored walls for future homeowners. They may want to paint it their own colors after they move it, but giving them a blank pallet to work off of is important. 


4. Curb Appeal: More than once I’ve taken buyer’s out to tour properties and they’ve said no before stepping inside. Just as you would take a shower, style your hair, and put on clean clothes for a first date, it’s important the outside of your house presents well too! First impressions are lasting impressions, and if it looks like you don’t take care of the outside of your home, buyer’s will wonder what kind of upkeep you did since you’ve lived there. Take some time to clean the entryway, pick weeds, trim bushes, and add some decor to the front of the house.


5. Organize your closets: When people tour homes they are considering owning, they will open closet doors. Not only will having them organized make them appear more spacious, but will give buyers confidence that the home has been well maintained.



6. De-Personalize: This has been your home for many years, and you likely have family photos and personal decor all about. Take down and put away these items to de-personalize. You want potential buyers to envision themselves living in the house. That can be difficult when they see your life and your family all around.


7. Finish the ‘to-do’ list: Everyone has a list of micro projects to take care of around the house. Now is the time to knock it out. Buyer’s will notice small deficiencies and de-value the house. So whether it’s grout that needs re-doing, touch up paint in the living room, or a gas seal for a window pain, get it done.


8. Simplify Decor: Not everyone has the same tastes when it comes to decorating. You don’t want to turn off potential buyers for something silly like tastes in style. Portraits of a ship on the ocean with a sunset? Great! Psychedelic shag throw rug? Maybe roll it up and store it away for your new home. 🙂


9. Odor control: If you’ve lived with pets in the house for many years, you may not notice your animals odors as readily as others. It’s worth it to at least get the carpets cleaned to manage that smell. Also, on the day of showings and open houses, keep away from strong smelling foods. Maybe bake some cookies, or get a cookie smelling candle!


10. Downsize furniture: Take some time to evaluate your furniture. Bulky pieces, or those a little too big for the room they are in can make your home feel smaller than it is. In addition, you want buyers to feel a smooth flow throughout the house. This could be a good job for an interior decorator or professional stager! 


Make sure to work with your real estate agent to determine where to allocate your budget for prepping your house. They may also have a budget to help, so it’s always good to ask! For more information about selling a home, and what I can do to help you make a great first impression, CLICK HERE

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